Computer Applications Company Inc.

Medical Billing Services For Private Practice Physicians

Professional Medical Billing ServiceComputer Applications Company, Inc. is a professional medical billing service dedicated to providing all of the insurance and patient billing needs for your practice.  Our services are tailored to meet your specific requirements.  We currently provide billing services for single practitioners as well as multi physician, multi specialty group accounts.

We have only one goal - to collect for you the maximum amounts as allowed by the current insurance regulations for your procedures.  We will deal with the insurance carriers on each claim while at the same time, work compassionately with your patients to keep them informed and arrange payment schedules for their portions of their healthcare costs.

We allow you to get back to why you began your medical career - to provide healthcare to your patients, while we take care of managing the business aspects of your medical practice.  We will provide you with comprehensive, yet easy to understand reports that will let you know exactly where you stand at all times.