Computer Applications Company Inc.


On May 1, 1980, Computer Applications Company, Incorporated was founded to provide complete computer hardware and custom software for small businesses.  By 1984, we had begun to specialize in the installation of medical billing systems for private practice physicians, using nationally known hardware along with software we developed in-house to provide the best customer service available anywhere.

In 1992, after receiving requests from existing and potential clients, we added an off site medical billing service to our company.  This was the next logical step in the growth of our business, utilizing our existing knowledge and experience in medical billing software, hardware, and medical office management procedures to meet the needs of our clients.

By 1998, our medical billing service had become the dominant part of our business, so we decided to discontinue the marketing of computer systems to physicians.  But as of today, we still continue to support the systems we sold, proving our commitment to provide unparalleled levels of support to our customers.  The software we use for our billing service is the same software used with our in-house billing accounts, assuring our customers that the mandated changes required are implemented quickly and efficiently.

Today, we've taken that same level of commitment and applied it to working with your staff to provide you with a seamless team of professionals, all working together to manage your practice.