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A Billing Service is Cost-EfficientA Billing Service is cost-efficient and staffed by professionals whose job is to collect your maximum allowable reimbursements and answer your patients’ questions in an efficient and courteous manner.  You can stop worrying about the billing, and still maintain control of your money.

Some of the problems of doing your billing in-house are that you have direct and indirect costs that you must pay regardless of collections.


Direct Costs
Indirect Costs
  1. Computer Hardware and Maintenance
  2. Computer Software and Maintenance 
  3. Paper, Forms, Envelopes, and Postage
  4. Telephone Systems and Lines 
  5. Office Furniture for Billing Staff 
  6. Wages/Benefits for Billing Staff  
  1. Workers’ Compensation Fees
  2. Unemployment Compensation
  3. Expensive Floor Space for Staff
  4. Your Time in Hiring Personnel
  5. Your Time to Manage Personnel
  6. Accounting Costs for Reports

However, when you use our Billing Service, the problems listed above will no longer be a concern to you. You still retain full control over all money received, and you approve all adjustments and collection lists.  You tell us how you want your practice to operate. We work for you, not the other way around.

A professional Billing Service only gets paid a percentage of the amount collected.  There are No start-up fees and no other charges for you to pay.  There is no better incentive for the service to collect your absolute maximum reimbursements under the  current regulations. 

If You Do Not Get Paid, We Do Not Get Paid!